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10 Great Strategies To Improve Customer Service

The generation has CHANGED & so has the BEHAVIOUR of the buyers. And, to deal with the changing moods of the customer, businesses need to mould their strategies and come up with a fresh and tech-savvy approach.

Today the Business has to have a lot of strategies at its disposal through which it can reach to customers and vice versa, resolve the issue the customer is facing & increase the credibility. As it is said, more than a good sale, it is better after sale service, which is more important- we back that.

Here are the 10 Strategies that can help the business reach out more customers and decrease the distance between them & the customer to zero!

1. Know the power of CRM  

Quicker the response is, happier the customer is.

For e.g.- A Family doctor is not only able to diagnose a patient quickly but also suggest the treatment for the current sickness better than the doctor who would be checking the patient for the first time; reason – the family doctor has patient’s health history; aware about the other issues and also possibly know the medicines he should avoid prescribing.

In the same way, having the history of your customer is the new age customer relation management, which also includes collecting, synchronizing and assimilating the data of the customer. Thus, at the time of the problem, you are well-equipped with resolving the problem keeping in mind other angles as well, which might affect the issue at hand.

There are hundreds of CRM available like Skyward CRM, Salesforce, Zoho helps in analyzing the problem or need of customer much better and thus helps in serving the client better and quicker, which is sure shot way to earn credibility and reliability of the customer.

2. Keep up to date Your Website

A website is not only to sell the products or services, or to provide information only; it’s a smart way to be connected with your customer anytime & anywhere. Make sure your the website is always up to date and presentable.  

Having a simple, engaging and informative website is the key, where when a customer visits not only gets information but also a solution and is convinced with the products/service.

A virtual tour of your website is just like entering your business premise that makes an impression on their brain. Content, reviews, photos, videos and the lucidity are some of the quintessential features one must take great care of.

3. Use Informative Videos

A thousand words are spoken effectively through a picture, is an old saying which can re-modified to no. of frames of pictures or moving pictures, i.e. videos. An informative and directional video will assist your customer much better than dozens of an informative literature of your explaining the manuals.

A visual experience or demo works much better with memory retention and also gives a much pleasant look and feel.

Self-help video should be shorter but precise and not preachy. The feeling that you are working hard to get their attention (genuinely) should be contagious and continual. 

4. Dynamic Customer Call Center 

What if they need you at the oddest time to get an answer to the weirdest question?

You can’t say no, never!

The dynamic and well-versed customer call centre comes at big time help, where your customer can explain their problem exactly as is been faced. A call center also gives a touch of customization, where customers get the feeling of being heard and getting an issue resolved as premium.

A soothing and empathetic word works as a stronger bond for lasting business relationships, like a friend indeed types.

The rule is- The customer’s problem is like a mountain to them and it’s you who can solve it in the time bound manner and at its best (anytime).

5. Mobile App Can Do A Lot 

A mobile phone is no more a luxury but more of necessity. Perhaps everyone you see around holds a (or two) mobile in his hand and; at least your customers for sure.

“Stylish way is mobile app way”. Mobile application is a different version of customer friendly website, and also has offline feature, which is suitable to your customer. Specially in-app messaging feature makes a huge impact on customer success. 

The tech savvy folks are just ready to grab any good chance that saves money and time. On the top of it, mobile application is an exclusive way to create an impeccable brand image.

6. Social Media is Emerging Everywhere

Social Media is the world within a world and no brownie points for guessing this!

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Quora, and Stunited etc. just a few of the big names. And, where there are customers, your presence is as much essential as the business. Social media connection also assists in showcasing your real customer serving to a vast audience at no extra cost of advertising, which shoot your goodwill few notches higher.

Having interactive social media team makes a huge difference to your brand. The ‘personal attention’ makes them feel valued. Social media is a favorable place where your ‘brand influencers’ can work to create an engaging and intriguing ‘brand personality’. 

7. Discussion forums 

Discussion forums for existing customers, as well as new customer always helps in collecting relevant data, which helps in effectively serving the client. Discussion forum gives liberty for mentioning the experience in details, and feedback that could be seen in a positive light.

Discussion forums are not just punching bag for problems because customers do mention about their positive experiences, which when read by your prospective customers, strengthens the assurance provided by you.

8. Email Marketing 

An updated & timely information resolves many issues at times even before they arise.

Disseminating the information about any new version of the product that a particular customer is fond of is just another way of proving your worth.

You can send personalized email (address them with their name) to the customers and tell them about an offer or to wish them on their birthday.

A small gesture makes a big difference when it comes to making ‘human connection’ powerful.

9. Online Live-Chat 

Online Live chat (for e.g.Tagove) in the website works very well with the customer, as customer while interacting with business representative is not caged into just one action, he is free to take care of his/her other work, which saves his lot of time even when his problem is getting resolved.

Also, the business representative, can assist him/her like telephonic call center and additionally also provide relevant links to help.

Learn about their problems properly before jumping to offer them a solution.  

10. Responsive call back 

Call back system works wonder, as it lets the customer to avoid long waiting time. Personally any customer would highly appreciate and welcome a call back facility, which not only gives customization feel but also gives a sense of importance.

Be cool, attentive and composed when you are calling back.

Designing a framework where if a customer has to be kept on hold for more than few seconds, he/she could instantly opt for the call back option. This would save his time, and, of course, decrease his frustration level.


There is no thumb rule. What may work for one business may not for another. A hundred years old business or a new set-up, the time change and so one needs to formulate clever strategies with the help of these strategies to win a customer’s heart.

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