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Asthma Care

Asthma is one of the diseases that make it difficult for one to breathe if it is not obviated in its early stages. These days people are living their lives in a environment that is unhealthy, polluted and that invites several diseases to enter their body system.

To prevent oneself from asthma, it is essential that you follow certain important and necessary asthma tips to rid yourself of the disorder. Since, asthma does not have any fixed cure, there are several precautionary measures that can be followed as asthma care measures to manage it:

Avoid mold spores – avoid going to areas and rooms that are damp since mold development is higher in such places. Mold spores are airborne and hence trigger asthma.

Limit dust– vacuum your home regularly to prevent the occurrence of dust and dirt. Wipe other furniture items using a damp cloth to remove the buildup of dust into it.

Avoid pollen – the pollens from grasses or flowers is a major cause of asthma and hence needs to be avoided to the extent possible.

Indoor smoking should be banned– smoking not only prompts asthma, but also enhances the possibility of one to develop asthma. So, where oyu stay should that area should be free from smoke in order to prevent the occurrence of problems that it may pose.

Limit your contact with pets– if you own a pet, then it is ideal to have limited contact with them. Then, do wash them on a regular basis since saliva, fine hair particles and skin are all the triggers for asthma.

Smell of food preparations– the aroma or smoke produced while cooking is one of the greatest irritant ot the asthma patients. So, one should take due action to reduce such actions. See to it that there is an open window or an extraction fan in the kitchen that will allow the cooking smell go outwards.

Exercise regularly– living a fit and healthy life is a key to control asthma. There are some asthma relief exercises, yoga and meditation practices. With the help of your health therapist master them and practice it regularly. In addition to this, follow the fitness program suggested by the doctor and keep all your medications within your reach.

Drink Lemon Juice – It is a useful natural remedy that helps you in getting relief from asthma. You only need to drink one glass of lemon juice during the meal. It will surely provide best results. It is one of the proven home remedies available today to treat you asthma. This home remedy has brought best results in many asthma patients. Hence, one should use this efficient home remedy.

Use Indian Gooseberry – It is even a proven treatment for asthma. One needs to take just five grams of gooseberry along with honey. Mixture of gooseberry and honey is the best home remedy to use to treat asthma. You need to take such mixture every morning for getting best results.

Eat bitter gourd roots – Roots of the bitter gourd efficiently work for asthma patients. Roots of bitter gourd are the best home treatment for asthma. One needs to take a teaspoon of the root and then mix it with the similar amount of honey. If one takes this mixture for a month then he or she will surely get rid of asthma problem easily.

If you follow the above guideline, then you can surely get rid of your irritating asthma. There is a solution and cure for all the problems, today. You need to take due measures for the same.

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