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Mistakes You’re Probably Making While Creating a Mobile App

According to consumer insights firm Nielsen, we spend an average of 30 hours a month on our phones browsing through and using mobile apps. In fact, we are so dependent on phones that from the moment we wake up to the time we go to bed, we use an app. From finding the right laundry services to getting the best take-out meal we are hooked on our apps. What is established is that consumers need their mobile apps. The question is, are you making an app that is hooking your consumers onto it? Or are you creating a mobile app that is just not usable? Here are some insights into what you’re probably doing wrong and how to fix it.

1. MOBILES are so not DESKTOPS

There is a reason why we all switched from huge desktop screens to tiny mobile screens. It is convenient, period! The phone is a one-size-fits-all technological solution to all our problems and that’s why we use them! So why are you applying the concepts of desktop on your mobile app? The mobile screen is not just a smaller version and a better experience than the desktop. It is a lot more than that. A smartphone has a lot more often, so the biggest mistake you’re probably making is creating a mobile app to fit all the requirements of a desktop. That is a big no-no.

Mobile apps are created to make consumer lives easier not complicate them. A mobile app should have basic functions like detecting location because this makes the consumer’s life easier. Similarly, mobile apps should be able to solve a problem. While creating a mobile app, think: Which consumer problem can I solve with my business’s mobile app?

2. Pretending your mobile-friendly website is an app!

NO WAY! If you’re doing this, you need to stop right now! A big mistake that you are probably making is passing off your mobile-friendly website as an app. Websites are not mobile applications, they are not the same thing. Your consumers know it and you should know it too! If you are trying to build a mobile website, then stop. Use your business resources to focus on one platform rather than dividing resources between multiple platforms. Consumers care most about their mobile experience, but if you create just a mobile website then they know you aren’t very aware of how to make their experience better. And if you have to create something that works across platforms then you can always use cross-platform programming languages like Corona Labs, PhoneGap, Appcelerator, etc.

3. Taking it as a number game!

Sure you can have an app listed on the App Store or Google Play, but what’s the point of just listing it? Yes, you are publishing your app everywhere and people are downloading it too, but

what’s the point of playing the number game if your app is not being used? Moreover, if people are seeing your app on the store and downloading it doesn’t necessarily mean this is a sure-shot formula for gaining large-scale download numbers. This is a mistake that most businesses make while creating a mobile app. The best way to avoid this mistake is to actually advertise your app on your website and make sure that your customers are aware that you can a use friendly mobile application. Promote your app by placing an advertisement for it either on the top of your website or the bottom to generate curiosity.

4. Not giving incentives for people to come back

Yes, you have created a mobile app, but now what? How are you going to make sure people come back and actually use your app? According to one survey, the retention problem is one of the biggest faced by all mobile developers. About “90% of the people who download your app are gone within 6 months”.Customers need some incentive to come back and visit your mobile app. There are several ways you can engage your customers and the first step to doing that is actually understanding who your customers are. A thorough market research will help you find out why your consumers use your mobile app, at what time of the day they use it, and how they use it. There is no better way to get your customer’s attention than by actually reminding them that your app exists on their phone. Ever downloaded an Amazon app and not received notifications? No right? That is because Amazon keeps reminding you of its presence by sending notifications on new deals. Lastly, you can enhance the performance of your app and show your customers that your app is up to date by sending them notifications on upgrades.

5. Leaving no room for customer care

A lot of businesses make this mistake. Do not make a mobile app just because it is a trend. Mobile apps are personal, people only download mobile apps that they like and find useful. If your app isn’t useful then you are ruining your chance of gaining customers. A lot of businesses, create mobile apps and then leave it at that. While creating a mobile app, you have to keep your customers in mind and think about how you can interact with them. Most importantly mobile apps are the new face of customer service, so keep your clients happy. The best way to improve your customer service is by creating a comprehensive review system that allows your customers to rate your app and give constructive feedback on the same. Instead of waiting till your customers use the app store to post feedback and make it available for everyone to see the reviews why not create an in-house system within your app?


Mobile apps are here to stay, so make sure you avoid these five mistakes to keep your app ahead of the curve. Use your resources wisely, and develop a mobile app that will eventually boost your business and attract more customers.

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