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Whom to Hire? SEO Agency or In-house SEO? Here are the Reasons

It is the clash of the Titans and how! Businesses have transcended the traditional platforms and have gone on to the digital space. It is the age of businesses that are internet-based. Not only that, it has got fiercely competitive out there. Most buyers are engaging through this media to make their buying decisions. People see, write reviews, buy, return, and buy again, and everything is online. An increasing number of customers search for products and services online, and most times, the way they search matters a lot and one needs to understand that.

As a business, you want to know how you can make the most of the digital galaxy that just brought the supremacy wars right to you. Digital marketing, SEO, PPC Management (pay-per-click), online PR, content marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing, brand marketing, social media marketing, etc. are some of the heavy words that one often hears in that regard. And the million dollar question is whom to hire? Whether an SEO Agency or an In-house SEO Manager.

It is very much like the question ‘to-be or not-to-be’. To hire an SEO agency or to go for in-house SEO? And to be utterly honest, there is no universally applicable or ultimate answer to this question. Like any standard entity, both have their pros and cons. Much of it depends on the size and nature of your business, your budget, your customer base, and your company’s goals among other things. Here we will look at the advantages of hiring an SEO Agency. Having said that, we are not undermining the importance of in-house SEO, but just listing the pros of having a third-party SEO Agency at your disposal.

1. One-Stop-Shop

When you hire an SEO Agency, you are given a dedicated account manager who is your point of contact for all needs and purposes on a daily basis too if need be. And more often than not, it is not just one person that drives the SEO functions. There are content generators, link builders, project managers, online marketing experts, and strategists, so it is an entire team of experts along with that one account manager who will correspond with you and keep you updated at all times.

2. Better Equipped

Not just in terms of the army of people that bring in respective domain expertise, an agency will have better access and hang of the latest tools and techniques that are required for a better SEO analysis. Also, they are individuals who handle different aspects of the entire process, so you can rest assured that each plays his part in coming up with the best solution for you, not once but consistently.

3. Less Expensive

Believe it or not, hiring an SEO Agency is a bargain as compared to hiring a position in your company. Like elaborated, you don’t just get one person, but a team of domain experts that are vital links in the chain. You cannot hire so many people or expect one or two people that you hire to bring the same level of efficiency. It is not practical. In terms of pure numbers, hiring an agency costs less than hiring full-time individuals and paying them according to the industry standards.

4. Experienced

You cannot argue the amount of experience a professional agency brings. They have been in the industry and worked with numerous clients enabling them with a lot of knowledge. They have a a wider reach, can create more impact, and have a better understanding of you and more importantly your business’s needs. Sometimes, it also happens that they give you a better understanding of what your business can achieve and how.

5. Network

It is their job to help businesses make profits by analyzing online media and employing apt solutions. They have a wider network of high-quality links, being in the business and dealing with hundreds of clients. An In-house SEO would be at a disadvantage here in terms of having a pool of high-quality links that are vital for SEO.

6. Marketing Teams Relieved

Your marketing team is already burdened with a lot of things of their own to do. We also pointed out that hiring an individual or two is expensive. In such a situation, when an agency is employed, you save a lot of money, and your marketing team can focus on their jobs without being additionally burdened with SEO. And one can definitely not depend on a sales guy to do this. So the best bet is to hire an agency.

7. Third Party Advantage

This team you hire is entirely responsible for delivering what you seek. And since it is a project to them, they treat it like one with utmost professionalism. On most occasions, it so happens that they can do more for your brand than you had envisioned. They are goal-driven and will ensure that they give you the results they promised they would.

8. Best of Talent

Investing in an in-house SEO that can perform all the allied tasks of outreach, engagement, analytics, social media engagement, strategy, reporting, technical optimization, content generation, link building, integrating with campaigns, monitoring, and auditing sounds like a huge and expensive deal and by all means, it is. Contrary to that, a good SEO agency has all of this covered and the best talent too. Moreover, they bring on board strong strategic leadership. These teams have, for the most part, been there, seen it all, and done it all. They have seen the game-changing and evolving and, on many occasions, been the game-changers too.

The professional experience that costs less in comparison to hiring an In-house SEO, strategic leadership, industry-standard tools and methods, the team of domain experts, and a complete SEO solution is what an SEO Agency brings to the table. For all these reasons, it looks promising to hire an agency. 

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